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Copy Editing

Grammar, syntax, usage, semantics, spelling, punctuation, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, ambiguous phrases, subject–verb agreement, parallel construction, tense, and voice.


Technical Editing

APA, MLA, Chicago, and AAA formats, reference lists, in-text citations, citation matching, footnotes and endnotes, headings and subheadings, front matter and pagination, tables and figures, numeration, and table of contents.


Substantive Editing

Copy editing + technical editing, grammar, syntax, usage, spelling, punctuation, reference lists, citations, footnotes and endnotes, headings, layout, tables and figures, numeration, front matter, and table of contents.


Developmental Editing

Copy editing + technical editing, sentence and paragraph structure, chapter organization, theoretical strength, data analysis, style, presentation of ideas, and manuscript development.




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